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Mariners announcer makes the most nonsensical home run call of the year

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Dave Sims is broken. Please pick up the pieces of your Dave Sims at customer service.

By way of Deadspin, we have a home run call from Dave Sims, Mariners play-by-play announcer:

That would be, roughly:

"Hey, Lloyd! Do some ... delivery. For the truck ... to the airport."

This is good for a chuckle, surely, but little more. Except it has the potential to be the start of a revolution. This call shows us how beautiful it would be if there were once announcer who didn't have a stock home run call, who was committed to making new catch phrases on the spot, who was proud to make found art with their improvisations.

When it worked, it would be magical, an announcer reacting with the same surprise and elation as the people in the stands and turning those emotions into impromptu genius.

When it didn't work, it would be Hey, Lloyd, and we could all laugh at it for a few minutes.

Either way, the fan wins. Think about it, announcers of the world. The fan is probably the most important thing, here.