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Chris Paul got an autographed pic of Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell for his birthday

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Everybody has a first crush, but not everybody eventually gets an autographed picture from their first crush.

Chris Paul turned 29 on May 6, but he didn't get his most important present -- or at least, didn't share it with the world -- until today:

This is easily one of the best Bday gifts I've ever received in my 29yrs on this Earth!!! #KellyKapowski #My1stLove #WeWereTogether #SheJustDidntKnowIt #CuzImSavedByTheBell

Be envious, 80s babies: he got a signed letter from Kelly freakin' Kapowski. To be fair, it's not actually signed by Kapowski, but rather Tiffani Thiessen -- she went by Tiffani-Amber back in the day -- who is probably thrilled she still has to sign pictures of herself from 20-plus years ago.