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The Tigers hit a walk-off grand slam vs. the A's, leading to the saddest two tweets in sports team history

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You know how the Price is Right yodeller falls off that cliff? The Oakland A's Twitter account did that.

Rajai Davis hit a walk-off grand slam for the Detroit Tigers against the A's, turning a 4-1 lead for Oakland into a 5-4 deficit. That in itself is an amazing and wonderful sports happening.

But a more amazing and wonderful sports happening is the way the A's Twitter account handled it:

Infinite, infinite failhorn. The way "you know what that means" cascades into "LOSS" is so perfect, and will resonate with any fan of a team with a penchant for painful losses. I don't even have any ill will towards the A's, but I'm filled with giddy schadenfreude. They were so, so damn sure about themselves.