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A German elephant picked the USMNT to beat Germany at the World Cup

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This is World Cup science.

The United States is going to beat Germany at the World Cup. Even German elephants know it.

And elephants are smart. Dumbo was probably the dumbest elephant ever and even he could talk.

Elephants are considered the second smartest animals on Earth, after humans. The rankings go as follows:

1. Humans

2. Elephants

3. Dolphins

4. Ever Banega

Four years ago, the world was amazed that a German octopus was picking games correctly, but that was an octopus. They aren't top four. Elephants are.

So if an elephant (which are No. 2, mind you) kicks a ball at a goal that happens to have a U.S. flag over it and not at the goal with a Germany flag, you can take that to the bank. Put all of your money on the U.S. That's basically science.