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Someone took out a Kings ad outside Madison Square Garden

The Rangers' home was briefly bombarded by Will Ferrell yelling about the Kings.

New York is Rangerstown! There's 8,000 Rangers fans in Bryant Park! So many people want to go to the games that tickets are like seven million dollars!

As Kings blog The Royal Half discovered, there's only one thing preventing NYC from being completely taken over by the Broadway Blues:

That's Will Ferrell (silently) exhorting Kings fans to cheer on their team, presumably taken from the scoreboard at the Staples Center. That video played across the street from Madison Square Garden for at least a few hours:

However, it didn't last long:

Funny move by the Kings (or someone acting on behalf of the Kings,) although what happens inside Madison Square Garden is gonna be a lot more important than what's on the billboard outside of it.