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Here is Johnny Manziel riding a swan float with a bottle of booze

Float on, Johnny Football. If there is a moment of bliss greater than floating on an inflatable swan while drinking champagne, we have yet to find it.

We don't report on every time Johnny Manziel drinks some alcohol, because he is a 21-year-old adult and he's allowed to drink alcohol and enjoy himself, like all other 21-year-old adults.

However, we do report on every time Johnny Manziel rides a swan float at a club while holding a bottle of booze.


Our first thought was PLEASE BE REAL, PICTURE OF JOHNNY MANZIEL PEACEFULLY LAYING ON TOP OF AN INFLATABLE SWAN, and sure enough, this was not the only picture of this event:

All we're looking for in life, to be honest, is happiness. And floating away on his blow-up waterfowl, Johnny Manziel looks like he's found it -- and who are we to blame him?

Busted Coverage broke down the nitty-gritty details of his evening.