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The Padres picked Johnny Manziel in the MLB Draft, to get retweets, we guess

The Padres are hoping that Johnny Football becomes Johnny Baseball. Or at least that somebody will like them on Facebook.


Johnny Manziel is a professional football player. He used to be a college football player, but after the Cleveland Browns used their first-round draft pick on him, he is a professional football player. Although he was once a very talented baseball player, as this wonderful story from Yahoo! details, he chose to become Johnny Football rather than Johnny Baseball when he decided not to play baseball at Texas A&M.

Which makes this, uh, curious.


Yup, the Padres drafted Johnny Manziel in the MLB Draft, 837th overall -- 27 rounds and about 810 picks after he went in the NFL Draft -- giving them the right to sign him before July 15th. He will not sign with them, because he is a professional football player and will be paid $2 million this year to play football.

Perhaps somebody will draft the guy who won the Heisman after Manziel, Jameis Winston, when he's eligible for the MLB Draft. That might be different, because Winston had a 1.08 ERA as a reliever for Florida State, and might harbor hopes of playing both sports a la Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson. Manziel, on the other hand, hasn't picked up a bat seriously since high school.

Sure, the draft is long -- it's the 28th round, there are 40 -- and at some point, GMs are just throwing poop at walls. But this is making a mockery of the draft, so much as it can be made a mockery. The Padres could've used their pick on an actual human baseball player, who they could've developed into a major leaguer.  There is only one explanation for it.

Retweets! Sweet, precious retweets! I'm not sure if the GM or social media guy made this pick.

Manziel had thrown out the first pitch at a Padres game earlier this year, which explains how we have that photo of him in Padres gear.