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The Milwaukee Bucks' Ekpe Udoh wanted to make his book club cry

So he screened The Fault In Our Stars for its members.

Ekpe Udoh plays for the Milwaukee Bucks. He's a swell guy, was previously a minor advanced stats phenomenon and will be a free agent in July. He also has used his power for good, creating a legitimate book club aptly named "Ekpe's Book Club."

On Saturday, Ekpe's Book Club had its first official event. Official t-shirts were made.

There is one thing different about Ekpe's Book Club, other than it being run by 6'10 27-year-old millionaire. Instead of simply discussing the book du jour, Udoh screened The Fault In Our Stars, the adaption of the John Green best-seller about cancer-stricken teens. TFIOS is expected to challenge for the weekend box office crown. Meanwhile, Ekpe Udoh is showing it for his book club friends in Dallas.

One more awesome thing about Ekpe's Book Club, if you weren't already convinced as to its awesomeness: Ekpe's friend and former Baylor teammate Quincy Acy -- also an NBA player, for the Sacramento Kings -- attended, too.

Multiple NBA players spent Saturday night watching The Fault In Our Stars with their book club. This is the best.