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The Yankees drafted a Kenny Powers lookalike, Sean Carley out of West Virginia

No word on whether he has an arm like a [expletive deleted] cannon

In the 14th round of the MLB Draft, the Yankees took righty pitcher Sean Carley out of West Virginia, which isn't altogether notable.

What is notable is that Carley resembles Kenny Powers, something noted on the MLB Network:

And not only does he resemble Powers, he will gladly retweet anybody who joins pictures of himself and Powers:

He hasn't always looked like this -- he used to play at Air Force, and was understandably more clean-shaven -- but he really seems to enjoy cultivating the comparisons. Sadly, the Yankees also have rather strict rules with regards to facial hair and mullets -- remember shaven Johnny Damon? -- so if Carley makes it to the show with the team that drafted him, he might have to lose his identity. Until then, we salute you, Sean Fucking Carley.