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Mariano Rivera, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar just hanging out in an airport in hockey jerseys

Because it's the Cup.

A hall of famer and a future hall of famer walk into a Delta Sky Club — adorned in novelty hockey jerseys of the respective cities they're most associated with.

If hockey more readily involved throwing pucks, I'd feel more confident asserting that a specialist like Rivera could have dabbled in it. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's reach seems like it'd be worth something. And there's definitely something to be said about having that much length to absorb shots from the opposing team.

None the less, I'm afraid the only thing this gem of a photo has proved definitively is that they don't make hockey jerseys for men that are 7'2. And that people that tall make everyone, even 6'2 closers, look tiny. Pretty much always.