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You're still a hero, Tim Howard

Even in a losing effort, Howard's 16 saves against Belgium will go down in World Cup history.

Belgium was much better than the USA Tuesday, unleashing a steady avalanche of 27 shots on target to America's late flurry of 9. But the USA very nearly stole it, thanks in large part to the all-consuming majesty of Tim Howard. Can't blame a guy for getting choked up after this outpouring of effort:

Dude played like a flailing, shrieking squid-man, walling off empty nets with nary a friend to help him. The mere two balls that evaded Howard immediately apologized.

In what may have been his last game in a USA uniform, Howard made goalkeeping history: SIXTEEN damn saves in a single game, shattering the previous World Cup record:

16 saves against the quality of looks Belgium got is basically this:


And it gets you this kind of respect from the victor:

Thank you, Tim.