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Argentina midfielder Javier Mascherano: 'I tore my anus'

Argentina's midfielder made a spectacular save against the Netherlands. At the expense of his bottom.

Julian Finney

Near the end of regulation in Wednesday's World Cup semifinal between the Netherlands and Argentina, Arjen Robben seemed like he was about to score the game-winner, when Javier Mascherano came out of nowhere with a brilliant save.

And tore his anus in the process.

Translated from an article on ESPN Brazil:

In the mixed zone, Javier Mascherano spared no words to describe the move: "I do not want to be rude ... I tore the anus that play. So the pain ..."

In the audio of this postgame interview, you can hear him being embarrassed and apologetic when he makes the comment (around the 3:35 mark). The reporters laugh and cringe at the same time as he quietly says "I tore my anus."

It's okay, Javier. Not everyone gets to put their butt on the line and end up being the hero. Please get well soon. Please.