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Drunk fan charges field to fight minor league pitcher

Helpful fan etiquette tip: don't do this.

On Sunday, the Midland RockHounds played the Corpus Christi Hooks. Pitcher Blake Hassebrock unintentionally hit a Hooks batter. So naturally, a fan stormed the field and tried to fight first Hassebrook, then briefly everyone else before being helped off the field by a Hooks coach.

I'm unable to determine what sort of shirt the gentleman is wearing, but odds are good it is either for Big Dogs or Molly Hatchet.

Also, this fellow is pretty lucky that this happened in a minor league game, where he received one shove from a player and a push of menacing walking from umpires and athletes. He even got a comforting arm around the shoulders! Compare and contrast with MLB, where if the exact same thing happened, this guy would have:

- Been tackled to the ground with authority
- Tazed
- Immediately arrested
- Banned
- Shot in the face with a hot dog gun by the Phillie Phanatic

(h/t to Reddit)