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Bo Dallas won the World Cup of trolling

Too bad BOlivia wasn't in the World Cup this year.

See that grinning guy up there? That's Bo Dallas. If you don't watch wrestling, his deal is that he's a cowardly, smug motivational speaker (think Tim Tebow crossed with Tony Robbins). He tells people they should never stop BO-lieving and makes other puns using his name and he's always smiling, running victory laps and is exceedingly damp, even for a professional wrestler. (He's also the son of the wrestler best known as "IRS" but that's neither here nor there.)

Anyway, he's been trolling the losers at the World Cup. And it's glorious.

But don't worry; Bo hasn't limited his false sympathy to soccer:

Never change, Bo. You'll make a BOliever out of all of us eventually.