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Adam Wainwright admits grooving a fastball to Derek Jeter

At least there's no way this can come back to haunt the Cardinals.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports
Update: Adam Wainwright apologized for his comments.

Via Jeff Passan, what you suspected is now confirmed:

Two thoughts:

  1. Of course he did. Chan Ho Park wasn't trying to get Cal Ripken out.

  2. The first rule about groove-one-to-a-legend club is that you don't talk about groove-one-to-a-legend club.

  3. The second rule about groove-one-to-a-legend club is that Adam Wainwright is kind of a putz for mentioning it.

  4. Congratulations to Derek Jeter on his first double of the year.

Four thoughts. I had four thoughts. Adam Wainwright grooved a pitch to Derek Jeter. You figured as much. You weren't expecting to get it confirmed, though.