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Michigan players are offended by a tweet about a fake game

They are also possibly offended by the Monstars' performance in Space Jam.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB All-Star break is typically considered the dullest sports time of the year -- no hoops, no football, no baseball no hockey, no World Cup, just the ESPY's -- so Tuesday night, our Dan Rubenstein spiced things up by tweeting a hypothetical college football game to make fall Saturdays seem a bit closer:

He included a tweet about Michigan's offensive line, now without Taylor Lewan:

It was a funny joke, but what's funnier is that Michigan's offensive line actually took it as an insult. From Wolverine 247:

While nobody publicly commented on the tweet, I can confirm that it's something members of the Michigan offensive line took notice of, and they've distributed the tweet amongst each other in an effort to use it as "bulletin material" for the upcoming season.

We should all do this constantly, just to see which players get most offended by your criticism of their play in a video game or something.