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John Daly is at the British Open, wearing pants with busty women and SpongeBob

Even at golf's most prestigious events, John Daly wears the most preposterous pants.

Stuart Franklin

In 2014, John Daly is a sub-par golfer with a reputation for drinking and general boorishness who likes to wear funny pants. However, in 1995, he was a golfer with a reputation for drinking and general boorishness who liked to wear funny pants who won the British Open. Which means that even though he doesn't have a PGA Tour card, he gets to keep coming back and playing, year after year.

Today, he wore these pants with pictures of busty women on them:

During his practice round, he wore SpongeBob SquarePants pants. (Sponge Bob Square Pants-Squared?)


Also of note: the cigarette.


(Pictures: Stuart Franklin, Getty Images)

Which raises the question: what's the Venn diagram for people who like SpongeBob and are old enough to be attracted to women and therefore want to put caricature cartoon babes on their pants? It's just John Daly in the middle, right?

We salute you, Mr. Daly, and hope you continue rocking the wildest pants in Royal Liverpool Golf Club history. Although we suspect you'll only have one more day, considering you're 5-over after the first round, but may you continue coming back year after year after year until they finally just say "WE'RE SICK OF JOHN DALY HAVING A LIFETIME EXEMPTION WHY DID WE EVER ALLOW THAT TO BE A THING."

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