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Remember that time Najeh Davenport pooped in a hamper?

New details emerge from Davenport's trip to the hamper.

Harry How, Getty Images

Let's revisit 2002. It was a heady time. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was not yet complete, Eminem was the world's top-grossing musician, Najeh Davenport of the Green Bay Packers pooped in a laundry hamper and accepted a plea deal.

Now it's time to re-live that golden moment thanks to Andrew Brandt, former vice president of the Green Bay Packers who shared some of his off season stories with The MMQB. Brandt didn't point to Davenport by name, but c'mon!

"He broke into a woman's dormitory room and defecated in her closet."

I was not sure I heard him correctly or, if I did, was not sure he actually said what I thought he said.

"He did what?"

This is very strange, but at least it's comprehensible. Brandt is speaking to a Miami-area detective to ascertain why his employee is in trouble. It's just due diligence. Then the detective went too far.

The detective repeated, with remarkable restraint: "He broke into a young lady's dorm room and voided into her laundry hamper."



V O I D E D ! ! ! !

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Somehow this gentleman found a way of taking the act of pooping in a laundry hamper and up the gross level by 10,000. This is not acceptable ever. It doesn't matter if this is the word you use, a court would use or a medical professional. "Voided" is NOT okay.

This story has to be about Davenport, right? Heck, his Wikipedia entry even points to this:

During his career, Davenport was given the nicknames "Dookie"[10] and "The Dump Truck."[11] While playing for the Packers, a letter writing campaign to the team equipment manager jokingly asked that he be issued jersey number 2 for practice,[12] which is still referenced during the opening of the "D-List" show on WAUK ESPN 540 in Milwaukee.[13] All are plays on the incident.

Part of us likes to imagine that this is a weird right of initiation. That Davenport was caught in a cruel game and that every Packers player poops in a hamper at one point in time.