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Lance Stephenson has a brother named Lantz

"Hello, frientz." - Jim Lantz

Mike Ehrmann

It's not the sort of thing one talks about, but I assume I'm not alone in keeping an unofficial list of Best Names In Sports, Related-To-Each-Other Division in the back of my mind at all times. It doesn't take up much space, and it's handy to have at those moments when it's appropriate to mention something like "actually, Majestic Mapp played at Virginia and his brother Scientific Mapp played at Florida A&M." That moment hasn't ever come, but I've only been alive for like three and a half decades, and it's good to be prepared.

Anyway, it's time to update the list:

Lantz Stephenson is an extremely good name in its own right, and even more so when paired with the conventional spelling of Lance. It's sort of like if Roy Hibbert had a brother named Roie, but also it is not like that at all because nothing is really like this.

What little we know of Lantz The Younger is that he is a basketball player himself -- Lance sponsored Lantz's AAU team while he was playing in Indiana, and Lance Sr. coached it -- and he is almost certainly not this person.

So, the updated list of Best Names In Sports, Related-To-Each-Other Division:

1) Rougned and Rougned Odor (Baseball)

2) Lance and Lantz Stephenson (I was seriously just writing about this)

3) Majestic and Scientific Mapp (Basketball)

4) James and Semaj Inge (Basketball)

5) Alge and Carlester Crumpler (Football)

I may be missing some name-pairs, here. Please feel free to let me know if I forgot anyone, and his/her brother.


Yeah, also them.