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Watch a video game umpire teach Yasiel Puig how to flip a bat

Seriously, watch it. You could learn some things, too.

Yasiel Puig is a bat flip master, but the virtual Puig (Virtua Puig?) could use some tips. From a virtual umpire, specifically.

If you leave the controller alone and unpaused in MLB 14 The Show, you might just get to watch an ump teach Puig the bat-flip ropes. Polygon's Owen Good discovered this (and created the video) while messing around in the latest iteration of the franchise. There are various scenes that occur randomly and last for 30 seconds, like this one, occurring all over the diamond. It's not exclusive to Puig and it's no guarantee you get this one to trigger, but it's certainly fitting with him.

You can either go out and get your own copy of MLB 14 The Show to see them for yourself, or you can wait for the full Polygon story, which will have Puig flips and other goodies to consume.