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LeBron James and John Calipari watch LeBron's fourth-grader play hoops

LeBron watched his kid play basketball, and we have Cute Dad Moments.

This might shock you, but LeBron James' 9-year-old son LeBron James Jr. is good at basketball compared to other fourth-graders. (It might have something to do with being the son of a 6'8 freak of nature.) Anyway, the superstar went to go check out his kid playing in the AAU Fourth Grade National Championship, which is apparently a thing, on Friday: (Video via Lexington CBS station WKYT)

"Guy watching kid play basketball" is not altogether notable, but there are CUTE DAD MOMENTS.

LeBron is a coach!


LeBron is hyped!


LeBron is rolling around on the floor with his kid!


Coach John Calipari was there, so don't be surprised to see Kentucky get a recruit with a famous name in the Class of 2022  (if Cal is still coaching there in eight years, of course).


Mini-LeBron was playing for a team called the Miami City Ballers, which, uh, collar tug. The little guy already has highlight reels, which is sort of creepy, because, you know, he's 9: