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'Mouse Elbow' is an injury competitive video game players get

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I can relate. Last summer I got a bad case of typist's groin.

The DotA 2 championships are underway right now. But one notable high-level gamer is not participating. Clinton Loomis, better known as "Fear" has been ailing recently. His affliction? Mouse elbow.

This is a real thing in gaming circles, but might sound odd to those of us who are non-gamers. Besides, "mouse elbow" sounds a whole lot better than some other video game-related ailments you could be suffering from instead. Gameboy neck, joystick wrist, D-pad strain ... it's shockingly easy to injure the human body. Heck, if I play Tony Hawk for an hour, it feels like I'm going to die from thumbnail soreness.

So be careful with your elbows, everyone. Also your mouses.