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Casey McGehee's nickname is a joke about boobies

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Do you like "Anchorman"? What about Marlins baseball? Well ... at least you like one of them.

The Miami Marlins have a puerile nickname for one of its players and it took entirely too long for us all to notice. Casey McGehee plays third base and the team has adopted to using the nickname "Hits McGehee" for the 31-year-old who's batting .322 this year.

Yep, that's right. The Marlins are referring to Anchorman and the joke "Tits McGee" when Ron tries to play a prank on Veronica during their feud.

The team is also completely on board, judging from its Twitter feed.


We should all be ashamed of ourselves for not picking up on this sooner. At least we can remember now with the aid of Vines like this.

h/t Deadspin