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Joel Embiid has moved on from Kim Kardashian, sets sights on Rihanna

Joel's found someone else to slide into his DMs.


The wacky Twitter journey of injured Sixers rookie Joel Embiid carries forth. After failing to recruit LeBron James and failing to get Kim Kardashian to slide into his DMs, he's moved on to a new Twitter project: failing to go on a date with Rihanna. Via the exclusive reporting of Joel Embiid himself:

Hey, maybe the third public campaign to gain someone's companionship will be the charm. If not, I'm sure he's got other people in mind. There are another 3-5 months until his foot is fully healed, so he'll have plenty more time to lightly Twitter-harass people until duty calls.


Sources close to Rihanna did not return SB Nation's calls. We will continue to pursue this story.


Even in the face of overwhelmingly bad photoshoppery, Embiid refuses to chill.