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Jack White is at the Cubs game looking very upset

What's he so sad about?

Yes, that's Jack White:

White is playing in Chicago this week, so I guess he decided to take in some local sports in the meantime. And, at least for this split second, he decided he HATES local sports. (He's a Tigers fan and once discussed buying stake in the Dodgers. Oh, and he played one game for the 1904 Boston Beaneaters.)

Maybe he's sad because he heard the Black Keys over the PA. Maybe he's sad because that man in front of him is wearing a hat and he looks stupid in hats. Maybe he's sad because the Cubs home jersey is white with blue stripes, but the away jersey isn't blue with White Stripes*. Maybe he's just sad because he's at a Cubs game.

No matter what, the juxtaposition of that sourpuss with the broadcast graphic about "THE PARTY OF THE CENTURY" is perfect.

*White Stripes is the name of Jack White's former band. This has been a joke.

Update: Still upset.