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Texas misspelled 'TEXAS' on every page of its media guide

We all misspell stuff sometimes. We try not to do it 200-plus times in the name of our school, though.

College football media guides are gargantuan, fact-filled pieces of literature that require months and months of effort from athletic department employees. It takes a lot of work to include all the information about all the players so writers can have it right at their fingertips.

After those months and months of fact-checking and editing and putting all that information together, Texas decided to slap a footer on theirs with the name of their website, and... welp: (Via FOX Sports)



And that footer went on Every. Damn. Page.

The online version has since been fixed, but the facepalm is forever. Not a good look to misspell the name of your school.

But what would happen to any poor souls who went to their web browser and went to "" Nothing, as of about 12 hours ago, but since the mistake was made, an enterprising sports fan (apparently this Notre Dame fan) made a domain name purchase:


Texsa forever.