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Watch Keith Olbermann's takedown of the NFL over Ray Rice's suspension

This is just about perfect.

Keith Olbermann is the best thing ESPN has right now. Sure that's subjective, yes 30 for 30 is wonderful, but every night Olbermann is single-handedly raising the bar for spot-on analysis on a network best known for hot (first) takes.

On Thursday night it was his turn to dive into the NFL's paltry two-game suspension of Ray Rice following his indictment on charges of third-degree assault stemming from a February beating that left his now-wife unconscious in a New Jersey elevator.

Olbermann showed video of the event, comparing it to the five-game suspension Albert Haynesworth received for stomping on Andre Gurode's head in 2006.

"Does this look like a game? Is this during a play? Is this part of a violent sport? Does it look like this victim had been wearing a helmet? The National Football League's concern for Janay Palmer Rice is slightly less than the concern for her that Ray Rice showed on that tape."

That says it all, really.