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MMA fighter gas station clerk beats the hell out of robbers

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Don't rob gas stations. DEFINITELY don't rob gas stations if the dude behind the counter does MMA.

We here at SB Nation are against crime and in favor of criminals getting the crap beaten out of them. This is why we salute Mayura Dissanayake, a Houston gas station clerk who used his MMA training on some guys trying to steal a bag full of cash (video via Jalopnik):

Dissanayake was behind the counter when two guys jumped his co-worker carrying a bank bag. He sprints out like he was shot out of a cannonball and starts whooping, kicking the assailants until they realize it's time to go. Let's watch it on loop:

Two get away while Dissanayake beats the third into submission. It's not clear from the video whether the bad guys got the cash, but they definitely left with some bruises.

That video, from Houston NBC affiliate KPRC, claims Dissanayake is a 5-time MMA national champ in his native country of Sri Lanka, and while we can't find evidence he won all those titles, he's definitely a fighter: SherDog has him with a 2-1 record with a pair of wins in Sri Lanka, and our MMA Mania covered the blow-by-blow of Dissanayake's 2012 fight against Mohd Shahid in Mumbai, which he lost on decision.