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Boris Diaw signed his contract on a sailboat, because he's Boris Diaw

Attention: This is peak Diaw,

It takes a special level of skill to be "the most" at something. It means you've reached your epitome or peak to such an extent that it's immediately recognizable as your behavior. We can safely say, with no reservations, that this is the most Boris Diaw way to sign a contract ever.

Just look at this guy. He's chilling on a boat in a picturesque location, soaking up some rays and inking his new deal with the Spurs. It's marvelous, but it also raises a few questions.

  1. How did he get the contract onto the sailboat?
  2. Is there a fax machine on said sailboat?
  3. Did he see it sitting on his desk before leaving the house and say "No time to sign now, better wait and do this ON A BOAT!"
  4. Is Coach Pop on the boat?
  5. Does Coach Pop get seasick?
  6. Does a seasick Coach Pop talk more than at a press conference?
Sorry, this went off the rails.