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UNC coach shows off 6-pack abs. NC State and Duke respond with *other* 6-packs.

UNC coach Larry Fedora has an impressive physique, which he got by drinking "no beer." His two rivals have a different fitness idea.

Yep. See? Cardio is bad for you. That's the only fitness insight you need to take away from this tweet. Not a single thing you need to do in order to look like Larry Fedora, other than giving up cardio. It's a sacrifice, but it's one you'll be happy to make. As soon as you sit still for an extended period of time, you'll get results.

Let's also remember the Tar Heels coach's other health habit:

Tar Heel Blog ran the calculations and discovered that's 720 mg of caffeine per day.

So give up cardio and eat a brick of caffeine every day? Hey, nobody ever said being in shape is easy.

Update: UNC's rivals have responded.