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Michael Jordan 'cool with' LeBron wearing No. 23

He never really cared in the first place.

Streeter Lecka

In 2009, well before LeBron James chose to join the Heat, he told the world he intended to change his jersey number from 23 to 6 out of deference to Michael Jordan:

"I think no guy in the NBA should ever wear 23...[Jordan] can't get the NBA logo, much respect to Jerry West, so I think his number shouldn't be worn by any player in the NBA so I'm thinking about just changing my number next year just to show the tribute of what he did for the game...he laid down the stepping stones for everybody to come up through the ranks."

Fast forward 5 years and LeBron is headed back to Cleveland AND back into the number 23 jersey. What happened to "this number shouldn't be worn by any player"!? This is  BLATANT show of DISRESPECT and HIS AIRNESS is going to be INCENS--

"I'm cool with it,'' Jordan told via text message Monday morning. "I don't own a number.'

Oh, okay. It's almost like the show of respect was unnecessary in the first place and the retraction, then, doesn't qualify as disrespect. We don't need to restrict ourselves to acknowledge how great Michael Jordan was. So, just so we're clear, here's a list of things Michael Jordan is cool with:

- Other people shaving their heads.

- Other people wearing sneakers.

- Other people playing for the Bulls.

- Other people naming their children "Michael."

- Other people sticking their tongues out.

- Other people slam-dunking basketballs.

- Other people winning at anything ever.

Michael Jordan doesn't own any of those things except for the last one. And he doesn't own the number 23. He'd have a lot of money coming his way if he did, though.