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Omar Gonzalez drops DeAndre Yedlin, shoves Clint Dempsey

USMNT brotherhood is a thing of the past.

A month ago, Omar Gonzalez, DeAndre Yedlin and Clint Dempsey were U.S. Soccer buddies. Monday, they were enemies, as Gonzalez's Los Angeles Galaxy faced off against Yedlin, Dempsey and the Seattle Sounders. Things got heated. First, Gonzalez threw little Yedlin to the ground:

Then when Dempsey stepped in, he got a shove, too:

I can't handle this! You guys are supposed to be friends! I saw it! All of a sudden you're wearing different shirts and now you're all fighting each other? Is that really how sports work?

It is?

Well that's very upsetting.