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Jack White throws out first pitch at Tigers game, looks as sad as ever

Jack White was not sad at that Cubs game. Baseball just removes his capability to display facial happiness.

Last week a picture made the rounds on the internet of Jack White at a Cubs game looking unspeakably sad. Tonight, the musician had the opportunity to throw out the first pitch in his home town of Detroit, and, well...

There are two possible fields of thought here:

1. Jack White is perpetually ridden with angst, a constant state of melancholy whose depths allow him to make such poignant music

2. Jack White just kinda happens to have a sad-looking face, and can look sad even when enjoying baseball games and various honors at baseball games

The world will never know.

We have to give props to White for his wool (or at least faux-wool) throwback Tigers jersey, and a glove, even though gloves aren't really necessary for first pitches!

We also acknowledge that he clearly does possess the ability to smile:

(Yes, Jack White was throwing the first pitch to Santa)