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UCLA water main break floods campus, athletic facilities

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Pauley Pavilion and Drake Stadium are filling up with water.

A water main burst with a massive torrent of water close to UCLA's campus, and the campus is rapidly flooding, including all the major athletic venues.

Pauley Pavilion was *just* renovated, and now it looks like this:

It's not just Pauley. Here's Drake Stadium:



And other athletic buildings are filling up as well:

The stairs in front of Pauley turning into a giant waterfall is particularly jarring. Stairs everywhere are now cascading:

John Wooden might need a snorkel before this is over:

He doesn't care, though:

More images show the water rising around the rest of the campus as people try to evacuate:

Of course, UCLA folks are taking this in stride. They're either totally unfazed...

...or actively surfing on the new body of water:

The situation already has people-- "Louis Slungpue!"-- pranking newscasters (keep watching until 1:25ish):

Also check out the guys surfing down the stair waterfall!

The water main will be shut off gradually, as a sudden shut-off could cause other pipes to burst. So yeah, the flooding could proceed for a while.  In the meantime, holy cow, that's huge:

The distance the water traveled is pretty incredible. The water main break was up on Sunset Blvd. and it has flowed all the way down to Pauley Pavilion, which is hundreds of yards south. That means it made it down the major street, across the intramural fields (which are nearly 200 yards long) and then finally to the arena, flooding everything in its path.


Southern California is in the midst of a huge drought, so this is a major problem on several counts. Check back for updates.