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Oregon football has scratch-n-sniff tickets

Smells like ... bright neon?

Oregon's ticket department apparently takes a pride in being as innovative as their uniform designers, something they showed by tweeting this today:

Our first thought was, "Hey! April Fools!" But it's August, and this is the official Oregon tickets account. And yes, they do appear to have scratch-n-sniff tickets, this one featuring a Carl's Jr. burger and presumably smelling like a burger.

We're not quite sure this is a great idea -- scratch-n-sniff never smells quite right, and we highly doubt we'd be compelled to buy a burger after sniffing -- but we think it should spread around college football. Some ideas:

West Virginia ticket smell: burnt couches

Georgia ticket smells: scooter fuel

Michigan ticket smell: leather-bound books

Washington State ticket smell: Cinnamon whiskey

LSU ticket smell: freshly cut grass

Add your own!

(Via Reddit)