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Craigslist post says Canucks are reading your mail and poisoning your water


You can find anything on Craigslist: Used cars, houses, dates, saws, tractors, parrots, skis, Vancouver Canucks conspiracy theories ... Yeah. Yeah, this is a Vancouver Canucks conspiracy theory on Craigslist. I encourage you to read the whole thing, but here are a couple choice snippets:

The program was rerouting mail through the banks for their own perusal, as they had many targetted pieces which they were not allowing to be sent on. They would appear at banks all over the province, still to this day, rifle through what had been routed through them, take things, and then allow whatever was left over to be passed on.

For example, witnessing a 5 year old boy in a single instance, say that he could hear the voice of God, and from that moment onward, ensuring that that boy's family was being poisoned by Risperidone in their water supply in each and every house that they had ever moved into late into his adult life.

Again, these sentences were written about the Vancouver Canucks hockey team. Joking or not, this person used Craigslist to tell everyone that for the past several decades, a hockey team has used disguise and an extensive network of resources to read mail, spy on citizens, organize shootings, and poison water, their motives for doing such unclear. If I may:







Stuff and also poisoning people and shooting people

(via Marc Dumont)