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Internet freaks out over Cavaliers owner's plane flying to Florida

That plane's made free agent visits before...

This isn't the easiest thing to follow, but let's walk through it as best we can. First, there was this:

That's Cleveland radio personality and "self-proclaimed ombudsman of Cleveland sports media" Joe Lull. And here's Gilbert:

End of story, right? NO MADAM. Cavs fans took a page from the college football fan playbook and found a damn plane. This, apparently, is Gilbert's (Rolls Royce!) plane. All the details check out:

And so does the flight history vis a vis the Cavaliers' free agent pursuits of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward:

He's not wrong:


So, yeah, a plane that appears to belong to Dan Gilbert and has apparently been flying around to meet free agents -- whether or not it currently contains Dan Gilbert -- set off for Fort Lauderdale on Sunday afternoon. Here it is en route:


And here's the semi-retraction following Gilbert's denial:

And, of course, here's the parody Twitter account:

So you know it's real.