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The Minnesota Twins have a self-serve beer machine

The days of sneaking beer in your underwear are over!

There's a new option coming to Minnesota for fans of brews and baseball -- self-serve beer stations. The idea sounds amazing at first, then horrible and finally amazing again. We know you're thinking "What's the catch?" Well, surprisingly there isn't one.

According to ESPN, the pricing structure is stunningly fair, at least by ballpark prices.

Bud and Bud Light will cost 38 cents per ounce, while Shock Top Lemon Shandy and Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale will cost 40 cents per ounce.

That means you're paying between $6-7 for a pint, which is a lot better than you get most places. It also means people can formulate terrible ideas, like this one:

The Joe Mauercide


3 oz Budweiser

5 oz Bud Light

6 oz Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale

2 oz Shock Top Lemon Shandy


Layer each beer in cup in order listed above. Ignore screaming people waiting behind you. Remove each layer of foam with grease from your cheek or forehead. Garnish with a corn dog wedge.