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Georgia player makes a 25-minute 'Star Wars' fan film. Here's the best part.

The SEC-themed Star Wars film you never knew you needed.

UGA player Christian Conley (not the lead singer of Saves the Day) is clearly a big Star Wars fan. Why else would he have written and directed a 25-minute fan film entitled "Retribution" and filmed it on campus and in Georgia's football stadium?

I mean, really, why would he have done that?

The above video is definitely a 25-minute Star Wars fan film that includes Jawas and Storm Troopers laying siege to the UGA campus, as well as running back Todd Gurley leaping into the sky and beginning to fly while John Williams' "Superman" score plays. Because ... I guess ... Star Wars?

The highlight of the video, however, is this cameo by Mark Richt, who has lost control of the University of Georgia campus: