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Man arrested after police spot him giving opinion on Washington's team name in local paper

This is a lesson in being careful when you appear in a newspaper.

There are parts of the world where brave civic leaders will go to jail simply for expressing their opinion. Then there's a man who will get arrested for being in the wrong newspaper at the wrong time.


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Jake Close thought he was answering a serious question with the most played out joke possible -- "huh, huh... get it... a redskin potato!" Little did he know that a motivated police officer was waiting for the chance to arrest the 25-year-old and got the help he needed with his name and photo in the Press Enterprise.

Close skipped bail after being charged with a drug-related charge and DUI that dated back several years, but was caught thanks to his appearance in the paper.


We're gnocchi gonna lie, we're sorry that you got mashed for being baked that one time, Jake.

See, we have potato jokes too.