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The new Bo Pelini is now modeling Nebraska uniforms

This cat knows how to strut.

Nebraska doesn't have a stellar history of alternate uniforms, but all that could change now that fun-lovin' Bo Pelini has taken over from his former, grumpy self. There's a whole lot of red and black, which makes it look pretty good -- though that doesn't help the shoulders from looking like they've been run over by a truck, or made out of quilted toilet paper.

The real story here isn't just the uniforms, but the reveal. You're not prepared for this.


Photo via @DSchmeits3

Who's this new recruit sauntering into the locker room? A new tight end? Perhaps a fullback. Either way he's got a little bit of baby fat, but we'll work on him.



Photo via @DSchmeits3

The new Bo Pelini is amazing. That said, there was a huge missed opportunity to pull a kitten from that helmet. It really would have topped the look off perfectly.

Update: We have video now!