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Spitting antelope poop is a sport

Bokdrol spoeg: Definitely gross, definitely a sport.


That's a kudu up above. The kudu is either of two species of African antelope with white stripes and spiral horns. Kudus poop. Kudu dung looks like this:


See those little pellets? Somewhere along the line-- perhaps during a moment of boredom while hunting the notoriously elusive beast -- a person in South Africa picked a kudu dung pellet, put it in his mouth, and spat it a great distance. And then a companion picked up another pellet and did the same, perhaps over a greater distance. And thus a sport was born.

Bokdrol spoeg -- "goat turd spitting" -- is the Afrikaner sport of kudu dung-spitting. Each competitor selects a pellet of kudu shit (or whatever antelope dung is within reach, but kudu shit is the official shitTM of Bokdrol spoeg), then spits it as far as possible, with the final resting place marking the distance of record.

The Wikipedia article and this piece on the sport mention there has been a world championship since 1994, but I can't find anything on the internet to confirm that and reckon the initial suggestion was tongue-in-cheek, or, ya know, poop-in-cheek.

From the look of things, Bokdrol spoeg is practiced mainly in the following settings:

1. Field guides convincing tourists to put shit in their mouths:

2. Festivals:

(This photo gallery of spitters in action is highly recommended.)

3. This one South African cooking show with a devious host:

So, informal, friendly settings, but not official leagues or anything. The blog post mentioned above explains some of the strategy and rules: any kind of run-up is allowed, firm old pellets are obviously better than fresh ones, and moisture (liquor, usually) is sometimes applied right before spitting to increase weight. I don't think the "world championship" is what it sounds like, but there are definitely folks who do this competitively and take it seriously enough to make fun of each other on the internet.

There is, by the way, a Bokdrol spoeg world record out there, which appears in the book No Dribbling the Squid: A man named Shaun van Rensburg is supposed to have spat a kudu dung pellet 51' 3/5" (just over 15 meters, or about 17 yards) which ... good lord, that's far. That dude spat a morsel of crap for a first down and then some. If he spat from a pitcher's mound, the poop would probably reach home plate on a hop.

There is no video evidence of the world record spit to be found, nor can I find exactly who this champion is (is he the former Furman football player??) so consider this an open request: If you can find me Shaun van Rensburg or any evidence of his elite dung-spitting, I would like to consult him/it. Bokdrol spoeg is a sport, and it's time to make it official.