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Bryce Harper messes up dirt Braves logo, Braves fans are outraged

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WHAT A SCANDAL. (By baseball standards.)

SCANDAL on Saturday night, as Nationals star Bryce Harper WILLFULLY DRAGGED HIS FOOT through the sacred ... uh ... very temporary dirt Braves "A" behind home plate.

*citizens of Atlanta clutch pearls, go down in heap*

After the incident, the Braves Twitter account began a hashtag where Atlanta fans could properly express their outrage. (Or where anti-Braves sentiment could properly troll Braves fans.)

The hashtag didn't really, uh, catch on like the Braves were hoping.

I'm just a little sad that people named "Thea" were probably bummed out no one was talking about respecting them.

For his part, Harper claims it wasn't intentional:

Come on. It was totally intentional. That's okay, Bryce, we won't tell. (We knew we liked you.)

(h/t Washington Post)