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Rory McIlroy opens his iPhone on TV, has to change his passcode

Rory's iPhone passcode is -- well, was -- his birthday. Now you know!

There's a huge rain delay at the PGA Championship, so the players are just chillin', killing time. Rory McIlroy is in first place, and he's taking selfies and using his iPhone. Cameras showed him using his iPhone -- specifically, opening it -- and if you have an iPhone, you know that's a problem.

It shows Rory entering his passcode to open the phone, and everybody in the world saw it:

4589 is his birthday, May 4, 1989, which is a total goober move. Anyway, people told Rory and he made a quick fix:

On the one hand, this wouldn't have mattered unless you actually had Rory McIlroy's iPhone. On the other, since it's his birthday, we'd be willing to bet Rory's PIN for pretty much everything is 4589. You know, in case Rory uses an ATM in front of you and forgets to sign out.