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Mat Latos dances with his cat, Cat Latos

And he does it with a gigantic rifle on his kitchen counter, just because.

Mat Latos is one of my least favorite baseball players in history. It's one of the perks of being a Giants fan. So it is with great regret to present video evidence of Latos actually being human.

Awwww. Also, the anti-aircraft gun on the kitchen counter is for the dog people who think cat dancing is for weenies. Say something to the man. He dares you.

As much as I sports-dislike Latos, I will note that he dances with his cat and that his cat is named Cat Latos. That's ... not bad. Got us, Mat. Got us good.

Note: A.J. Pierzynski can't dance with his cat because the cat keeps trying to bury him.