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Chris Sale is using a 'word of the day' in every post-start interview

It took a while to realize he was this loquacious.

Brian Kersey

From the South Side, we have a story that makes everyone like Chris Sale a little more:

With each big league trip to the mound this season -- minus Opening Day, numbering 17 in total -- Sale has worked in one particular word during his postgame interview.

Sale's words since then have gone as follows:

• Juxtapose (April 11)
• Consternation (April 17)
• Ameliorate (May 22)
• Acquiesce (May 27)
• Capitulated (June 1)
• Nascence (June 7)
• Ruminate (June 12)
• Repudiate (June 18)
• Antithetic (June 23)
• Dichotomy (June 28)
• Cacophony (July 4)
• Adjudicate (July 9)
• Ubiquitous (July 21)
• Voracious (July 26)
• Prescience (Aug. 1)
• Amalgamation (Aug. 6)

I have a friend who lives in Boston, and every time I'm on for a radio interview with ESPN Boston, he gives me a word. So far: cheetah, burrito, and lobster. It's harder than you might think, mixing in a rehearsed word to a spontaneous situation, and it's almost derailed me every time. It's probably much harder when the words are smarty-pants words, so my hat is off to Chris Sale. Good work.

This is a nifty idea, and most players should do it. Though we're very glad that Pat Burrell didn't get the chance. There's only so many times a person can visit Urban Dictionary to learn awful new terms.