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Paul George will change number to 13, embrace awful 'PG-13' nickname

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Because 24-year-olds don't need parental guidance at the movies.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

When Paul George returns to the basketball court -- hopefully sooner rather than later, and in full health -- he will no longer wear number 24. He'll be in 13, possibly because Bill Simmons suggested it. PG-13. Like movies. Yeah. I'm not sure why someone would nominate himself for an MPAA-inspired nickname most associated with movies tweens watch at sleepovers, but okay.

Here's a strange part I didn't know, via ESPN:

Because George applied for the change before the March deadline, he doesn't have to pay for the remaining old No. 24s on the market. Sources, however, said he still elected to do so.

Per league rules, a player who changes jersey numbers on the same team must buy up all of the old jerseys on the market.

I imagine the jerseys will get donated somewhere, but considering how popular Paul George is, that number change is verrrry expensive.

Anyway, it's not the first time someone's picked a number that suits his initials, of course. Russia's Andrei Kirilenko didn't pick 47 at random. Who else could do this?

3 is already Lou Williams' number.

What if Nick Collison switched to 17?

What if Walter Davis wore 40?

What if Mason or Miles Plumlee changed to number 3? (Or 4, if they prefer video?)

Sergey Karasev should totally wear number 8.

What if Shavlik Randolph wore 71?

What if Darius Miller changed to number 10, but insisted it be a Roman numeral?

What if Udonis Haslem (40) changed his last name to Baslem?

What if Ognjen Kuzmic changed his number to Computer?

What if ... these are surprisingly hard to think of and I need your help?