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The Drew League Dunk Contest was better than most NBA Dunk Contests

A split!

I guess when a Dunk Contest includes a dude called "Airdogg," it better be something special, but these highlights from the Drew League (Los Angeles) Dunk Contest are pretty spectacular:

Among the best: An under-the-legs, some spins exceeding 360 degrees, jumping obstacles of increasing height and depth, a backflip into a dunk, a perfect honeypot, a spinning back-handed through-the-legs dunk, a Clipper Darrell appearance, and -- my favorite -- this simple but deceptively strenuous split dunk by former UCLA track star Jonathan Clark:

Any of us trying that would end with two torn groins, a couple ruined quadriceps, and a deviated scrotum. He drops it like it's nothing. Good dunk contest, Drew League.