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Listen to the full 'NBA 2K15' soundtrack

No, "Happy" isn't on here.

Few video game soundtracks are more celebrated than that of the NBA 2K series. It always offers an eclectic mix of genres and styles, all while being high quality. When news emerged that Pharrell Williams was handpicking this year's tracks, we knew it was going to be interesting. He didn't disappoint.

This is some serious range. OK, so maybe four tracks have Pharrell in them, but did you see Depeche Mode and Red Hot Chili Peppers landing here? Us either.

Perhaps the most interesting inclusions are those of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and  One Republic. Especially One Republic. It's unclear whether Pharrell just really likes this song or thought NBA fans listen to them on a regular basis, but here's a helpful Venn diagram to understand the cross-section of these fans.

one republic

Picture via Tom Ziller

So ... enjoy that one, Adam Silver.

h/t @EyeOnBasketball