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Meet Dancing Umpire, who boogies in between balls and strikes

Get down, Dancing Ump, as long as you continue to properly adjudicate this baseball game.

Listen, as fans of sports, we don't care what referees or umpires do, so long as they correctly make rulings on the sports plays in front of them. They could be loud or quiet, tall or short, emotional or stoic, so long as they correctly legislate the game. I'd be fine with a human-cat hybrid if it made the proper calls.

Which is why I endorse Dancing Ump:

This Little League tournament in the Bahamas apparently played music during play, and hey, if the music's playing, keep dancing. What's fascinating is his effortless transfer from shimmying to intense focus.

Our Pony Technicians have returned from their Ginuwine laboratories and returned with this: